• Process to block a user in Gmail

    Gmail is becoming one among the most widely used email services available everywhere on the web because of its extraordinary features it offers. This is developed by Google Inc. Countless numbers of monthly active users access its services to get connected with their friends, families and colleagues. With the help of it, the users can easily send or receive messages, pictures and GIFs files. It offers several exciting options that make it one among the most well-liked email services available online. Moreover, in addition it also provides a cloud storage facility for its users.
    Sometimes it is not enough to mark mail as Spam. Google's filters are not 100% result oriented and sometimes the unsolicited mail may get missed, finding its way to your inbox. Generally, if you want to fully cut someone out of your life. Then, you can block messages from specific senders permanently. However, several new users don’t know how to block unwanted email address. For their comfort, here we are providing with the information by that the user will simply block unwanted emails by adding their email address to the Gmail blocked list. To add more services, the Gmail customer service number is also available for the user support.

    Steps by steps instruction to block a Sender in Gmail

    • To block someone in your Gmail and send their messages automatically to the Spam folder:
    • First, you need to log-in to your Gmail account by entering your Login details.
    • Select a message from the sender you would like to block.
    • Click on the triangle facing downward situated next to the reply button in the message header to open More menu.
    • Choose Block "Name" from the menu that has appeared.
    • Confirm your selection.

    Note: for a few senders, like Google itself, this menu item won't show, but you can still use a rule to "block" these senders..

    • Click on the Block option from the Block this sender section.

    By executing these preceding steps, you'll simply block the sender from the Gmail. If you discover any issue while performing these above-mentioned steps, then you can take support from the experts through the official Gmail technical support number range available on the web for instant support.

  • Steps to block a user in Yahoo emails

    Yahoo Mail is a standout amongst the most well-known webmail service providers enable clients to send or get messages, connections and more. It is one of the quickest mail service providers among all the email service providers. It utilises advanced security highlight to protect their clients account from cyberpunks. It offers many astounding features to its clients.

    Like as in the other webmail, Yahoo also offers an email blocking feature to keep undesirable email from specific senders user wish. Don't be worried about the undesirable emails which you are getting from the obscure individual. The Yahoo client can block 500 contact email addresses in Yahoo. At the point when an email from blocked addresses is sent to your inbox, then Yahoo naturally evacuates it and you'll not discover it in any folder in your Yahoo inbox. For the new user, here, we are furnishing you with the data to block a particular sender and in addition a gathering in Yahoo Mail or Y! Mail basic for avoiding undesirable emails. Additionally, the Yahoo help phone number is also accessible for quick support.

    To Block a Sender in Yahoo Mail

    • First, take your cursor over the Settings symbol situated at the upper right side of the Y! Mail.
    • Click on it.
    • Select Settings from the menu that has been shown on the page.
    • Select the category of the Blocked Addresses.
    • Type the email address which you need to obstruct in the 'Include an Address' field.
    • Click Block.
    • Now, press the "Save" button to save the changes you've made.

    Block a Sender in Yahoo Mail Basic

    • To add an email address to the list of blocked senders in Yahoo! Mail Basic:
    • You need to choose the Options starting from the drop menu situated beside your record's name.
    • You need to press the Go button to continue.
    • In Advanced Options, you have to open the blocked Address category.
    • Type the email address which you need to block in the Add an address section.
    • Enter the email address you need to be blocked under Add an address:
    • Press +.

    With the assistance of these previously mentioned strides, the client will effectively block any email address which they need to dodge undesirable email from that specific sender and note that you can just empower this component from the web program as it were. You can't block sender email address from your mobile application. To know more, you have to contact contact Yahoo by yahoo customer service number to get quick support.

  • Process to block a user in the Facebook


    As you know, about the Facebook, it's a remarkable world for a few people as they spent their entire day in the Facebook. Chatting with companions, posting pictures, uploading recordings, sharing location and more things they'll do with it, that makes it one of the most widely used amongst all the social networks. It's a standout amongst the most broadly accessed informal organizations gotten to by heaps of clients to remain associated with the outside world. With the help of it, the clients can easily send or get instant messages, pictures, share data or make new friends. The client can even make voice or video call with their loved ones. Consistently, FB acquainted some new features to make the client experience fascinating. To add more to its services, the Facebook technical service number is easily accessible on the web.


    Now and again, when you don't wish to see somebody and wish totally to slash out from your life, then FB gives the capability to the clients to block a contact in Facebook that they don't wish to see. Numerous amateur clients are unconscious in regards to this, so here, we are giving you some information to block a person in the Facebook account that they don't wish to see. Follow these steps:


    Procedure to block user from the Privacy Settings Menu

    • First, you have to sign into your Facebook account by entering your FB Sign-in details.
    • Once signed in, press the "Security Settings" button located at the upper right corner of the page.
    • Click "How would I prevent somebody from pestering me?"
    • Enter the name or email address of the individual you might want to block.
    • Press on the "Block" button on the new window.

    Procedure to block users from the Person's Profile

    • First, sign into your Facebook account by entering your FB credentials.
    • Once signed in, open the profile of the individual you need to block.
    • Press the "..." button located at the top part of the page.
    • Select "Block" from the menu.
    • Click on the "confirm" button to execute the procedure.

    These above procedures can help you to block someone account effortlessly. Facebook Message blocking feature is very helpful. With the help of it, you can just maintain a strategic distance from their message, in any case they can view your timeline but can't able to text you. For more information, you can contact Facebook experts through Facebook customer care number available online.